Whether your car is not starting , has an intermittent problem or a warning engine light has come on, we can help. Our highly skilled technicians with advanced level tools can check your entire engine management system using a Scan Tool loaded with data on the latest models to read fault codes and live data to get to the root cause of the problem.

Our auto diagnostic testing service takes the guess work out repairing your vehicle.

Our Diagnostic Check includes:

  • Visual inspection of related components
  • System analysis
  • Research of Technical Service Bulletins
  • Pin Point testing
  • Component diagnosis

Diagnostic Check

This diagnostic service should be performed when you are experiencing drivability issues, reduced fuel economy, have a check engine or service engine soon light illuminated/or flashing.

For your car diagnostic check at a competitive price, contact us using our contact form or phone number. We are located at Seven Acre Business Centre, Dandenong Rd, Unit 6, Dandenong HP22 5AH and service many customers in Dandenong and the surrounding areas.